Curriculum Connections

About Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is guided first and foremost by a belief in the inherent value and pure joy of making art, as a manifestation of who we are as humans. People make art. Art is not something you are “good” at or “bad” at. Art is worthwhile for its own sake. If your child is here simply to make art for the joy of it, we’re here for it. 

But if you want some extra meat on that sandwich, we’re serving it up!

  • Each lesson is taught by a professional instructor (read how we select our instructors here)
  • The curriculum is rooted in national standards.
  • Within each lesson guide we provide suggestions for connections to other academic subject areas.
  • Each class is labeled based on difficulty level - mild, medium and spicy


With a library ofĀ nearly 200 classesĀ and new lessons added monthly, the library is designed to provide enough art instruction for each week of the school year and then some.

Members have access to the ENTIRE growing library for as long as they are a member. This means video lessons can be watched in any order, as many times as a student would like.Ā 

Pro Tips

  • Watch the full lesson before starting the project. The lesson moves faster than the project can be completed so may need to be paused or revisited.
  • Work in multiples! Finish a class with one completed work? Go back and make more and see how style and comfort level evolves - this is where the magic happens!
  • Don't love what you made? First, walk away and come back - you may see it differently. Or take a photo or put it behind a frame or mat for a different view. If it's still not working for you, don't discard it - save it to incorporate into a future project!
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