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Chicken Coop Club.

Weekly art classes. Endless fun!

We provide online art lessons for children ages 3-12, taught by professional artists and art instructors. 

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Our Story

We’ve heard many stories from our peers who were thwarted as young people early in their art journeys by well-meaning adults. We've heard the stories from busy parents trying to work, teach, and do all the things and wondering how to fit in artmaking. A number of these adults were told at some point in their own art journeys that they weren’t good enough. And we share many of these stories!

We want different stories for our children.

We are a team of artists, educators, professionals and parents who know that making time for art is not only worthwhile, it’s essential. When children are given the time, space and encouragement to create art, they experience a certain freedom. A certain confidence. And we want to cultivate that without adding to parents'/teachers'/caregivers' growing to-do lists!

That’s why we created the Chicken Coop Club.

We provide quality, video-based instruction that guides children to be hands-on and get messy with their art! With four new lesson each month and a growing library of classes, we strive to make artmaking affordable and accessible. The videos speak directly to the children helping them build confidence in their creativity. We do not teach using a stroke-by-stroke method – we want each child to add their own spin to the lessons. Even better, all the instruction, supply information and curriculum connections are right in each lesson for adult helpers. We are honored to join your children/students/young friends on their art journeys and cannot wait to see how they grow as creatives!

We are a growing group of professional art instructors and artists who are here to support your student's art journey!

Meet the Team Behind the Scenes

These are the people who keep the Coop rocking and rolling!

Beth Newman

Curriculum and Community

Beth is both a professional artist and teacher. She helps members by providing easily accessible curriculum connections to each of our classes, and much much more. Meet Beth!

Kiki Scaletta

Operations and Outlook

Kiki works behind the scenes to keep this site up and running, and also provides customer support. Meet Kiki!

Amanda Evanston

Instruction and Inspiration

Amanda is a professional artist and art instructor. She helps develop the class schedule and more! Meet Amanda!