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Meet Beth Newman

Meet the Instructor: Beth Newman

instructor staff May 02, 2022

An art professor once told me I couldn't paint, and I believed him. I spent many years after that doing interesting and amazing things, some artistic, but never involving painting. Someone finally told me that the first guy was wrong and now I combine my talent and passion for teaching with my love of art. Yes, I can paint, and you can too. I'll show you!

I want to reach as many young people as possible to tell them that art belongs to everyone, and yes, they can paint.  As a child, I loved school and all subjects but my favorite was reading. As for music, I listen to all kinds, depending on my mood, but I do love LOUD music and I never wear earbuds. I'd rather have the music vibrating through the house. I like when music is a shared experience. My family doesn't mind. Usually.  I spent many years as a teacher and school administrator and homeschooled my now-adult children. I currently teach art in person in a special education program.

In the Chicken Coop Club, I help members by providing curriculum connections to each of our classes. I can help steer members toward classes that align with their children's ages and experience levels and can answer questions about how members might integrate our classes in their classrooms or homeschooling programs. If you have an idea for a future class topic or are interested in becoming a chicken coop class instructor, I'm here to help. Have a question about the Chicken Coop Club Community? Lay it on me.

You can view my art at or visit with me on Instagram @bethcanpaint.

Hometown Region: Washington, DC, USA


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