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Sparkly Partridge Portrait with Lisa Concannon birds christmas holiday spicy watercolor Nov 28, 2023

Taught By: Lisa Concannon

We'll create a sparkly partridge portrait complete with a pear tree using simple shapes and watercolor paint!


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Watercolor Cosmos with Lisa Concannon outer space painting process art space spicy watercolor Nov 16, 2023

Taught By: Lisa Concannon

Let's create a watercolor night sky scene of the cosmos! We'll even learn how to turn this abstract into a...

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Enchanted Pumpkin Patch with Maja Larson acrylic fall halloween landscape moon paint painting pumpkin patch pumpkins spicy tempera Oct 03, 2023

Taught By: Maja Larson

Let's create an enchanted pumpkin patch using a variety of resist and sgraffito techniques!

Length of...

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Beautiful Browns with Kitty Ayers color mixing color theory spicy Aug 24, 2023

Taught By: Kitty Ayers

Let's intentionally mix a variety of beautiful brown paint colors and use them to create an abstract!

Length of Videos:...

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Lemonade Stand with Lisa Concannon mixed media monoprint monoprinting spicy watercolor Jul 18, 2023

Taught By: Lisa Concannon

Let's use mixed media to create a colorful piece inspired by a lemonade stand! 

Length of Videos: 14...

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Bus Road Trip with Yvette Ackerman landscape spicy vehicle watercolor Jul 13, 2023

Taught By: Yvette Ackerman

Let's hit the road! We'll create a fun camper bus drawing for our ideal vacation.

Length of Videos: 13 minutes |...

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Patriotic Bag Tags with Joy Foster art to share bag tag community art fourth of july patriotic spicy Jun 29, 2023

Taught By: Joy Foster

Let's create upcycled and embellished "bag tag" style trinkets for trading, decorating, and even to use as bookmarks!...

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Keith Haring-Inspired Print Making with Isobel Springer dog paint print printing printmaking spicy Jun 27, 2023

Taught By: Isobel Springer

We'll create relief prints inspired by the graphic street art style of Keith Haring.

Length of Videos: 8 minutes |...

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Buncha Bears with Amanda Evanston bear candy painting spicy Jun 20, 2023

Taught By: Amanda Evanston

Let's create a brightly colored painting of candy bears!

Length of Videos: 9 minutes | Difficulty...

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Glue Batik Landscape with Shemi Dixon fabric fiber art resist spicy Jun 08, 2023

Taught By: Shemi Dixon

Let's use a glue resist technique on fabric to create a batik landscape wall hanging!

Length of Videos: 15 minutes |...

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Pop Art Banana with Lisa Concannon acrylic paint painted paper pop art spicy tempera tempera stick Mar 14, 2023

Taught By: Lisa Concannon

Let's create an Andy Warhol inspired pop art banana piece featuring complementary colors and bold lines.

Length of...

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Imagination Dragons with Devyn Larson acrylic figure figures painting spicy Feb 16, 2023

Taught By: Devyn Larson

Let's paint a dragon with acrylic paint using a variety of brush techniques, value shifts, and fun...

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