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Enchanted Pumpkin Patch with Maja Larson acrylic fall halloween landscape moon paint painting pumpkin patch pumpkins spicy tempera Oct 03, 2023

Taught By: Maja Larson

Let's create an enchanted pumpkin patch using a variety of resist and sgraffito techniques!

Length of...

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Fiesta Fish with Amanda Evanston acrylic figures fish medium ocean paint painting sealife tempera Aug 22, 2023

Taught By: Amanda Evanston

Time for a party full of colorful fish! Grab your paints and join in the fun!

Length of Videos: 14...

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Pop Art Banana with Lisa Concannon acrylic cooking food paint painted paper pop art snacks spicy tempera tempera stick treats Mar 14, 2023

Taught By: Lisa Concannon

Let's create an Andy Warhol inspired pop art banana piece featuring complementary colors and bold lines.

Length of...

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Imagination Dragons with Devyn Larson acrylic figure figures painting spicy Feb 16, 2023

Taught By: Devyn Larson

Let's paint a dragon with acrylic paint using a variety of brush techniques, value shifts, and fun...

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