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FREE! Splat Bat with Beth Newman fall free halloween paint tutorial Oct 20, 2023

Grab your paints and let's make a bat! Enjoy this free fall Chicken Coop Club tutorial and be sure to share it with a friend!


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FREE! Sneaky Snakes with Beth Newman fall free halloween paint tutorial Oct 16, 2023

We'll make a sneaky snake appear using watercolor paints and white oil pastel! Enjoy this free fall Chicken Coop Club...

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Enchanted Pumpkin Patch with Maja Larson acrylic fall halloween landscape moon paint painting pumpkin patch pumpkins spicy tempera Oct 03, 2023

Taught By: Maja Larson

Let's create an enchanted pumpkin patch using a variety of resist and sgraffito techniques!

Length of...

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Fiesta Fish with Amanda Evanston acrylic figures fish medium ocean paint painting sealife tempera Aug 22, 2023

Taught By: Amanda Evanston

Time for a party full of colorful fish! Grab your paints and join in the fun!

Length of Videos: 14...

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Keith Haring-Inspired Print Making with Isobel Springer dog paint print printing printmaking spicy Jun 27, 2023

Taught By: Isobel Springer

We'll create relief prints inspired by the graphic street art style of Keith Haring.

Length of Videos: 8 minutes |...

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Paper Koinobori with Amanda Evanston fish mild paint painting sculpture Mar 28, 2023

Taught By: Amanda Evanston

Let's explore blotting techniques with paint while creating koinobori decorations in the style of the Japanese...

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Pop Art Banana with Lisa Concannon acrylic paint painted paper pop art spicy tempera tempera stick Mar 14, 2023

Taught By: Lisa Concannon

Let's create an Andy Warhol inspired pop art banana piece featuring complementary colors and bold lines.

Length of...

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Plucky Princesses with Amanda Evanston figures mixed media paint painting Feb 22, 2023

Taught By: Amanda Evanston

Let's use collage + paint to create plucky alter egos!

 Length of Videos: 13 minutes | Difficulty Level: ...

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Minecraft-Inspired Pixel Art with Beth Newman medium paint painting pixel stamp stamping Jan 31, 2023

Taught By: Beth Newman

Let's use pixel shapes in paint to create a digitally-inspired still life.

Length of Videos: 17 minutes |...

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Easy Salted Snowflakes with Beth Newman (FREE!) free holiday medium paint painting salt seasonal snow snowflake tutorial watercolor Nov 17, 2022

Table salt adds magic to wet watercolor by absorbing some of the water and bringing pigment toward it. You'll get fun texture and a somewhat...

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Clothespin Brush Activity from Beth Newman (FREE!) botanical clothespin free nature paint painting tutorial Nov 17, 2022

Gather items from around the garden or your household and use clothespins to fashion them into paint brushes. Experiment with different types of...

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Rubber Band Printing with Beth Newman (FREE!) elastics free paint painting print printing printmaking prints rubberband rubberbands sponges stamping tutorial Nov 17, 2022

Household items make fabulous printing and stamping tools. Let's make some fun prints!

Instructor: Beth Newman


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