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Woven Kite Wall Hanging with Erin Curlee Hatfield display work loom medium painted paper pig pen weaving Apr 23, 2024

Taught By: Erin Curlee Hatfield

Let's learn the art of paper weaving and create a beautiful kite!

Length of Videos: 12 minutes |...

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Beautiful Beast Giraffe Portrait with Kitty Ayers animals display work drawing figures spicy watercolor Nov 17, 2022

Taught By: Kitty Ayers

Let's draw and then paint a picture of a giraffe using watercolor combined with acrylic paint.

Length of Videos: 14...

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Robot Collage with Amanda Evanston collage display work medium mild Jun 08, 2022

Taught By: Amanda Evanston

These quirky quadrilateral characters are going to blow you away. Take previously painted paper, rejected art,...

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