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Meet Erin Curlee Hatfield

Meet the Instructor: Erin Curlee-Hatfield

instructor Jun 23, 2022

Hi there! My name is Erin, and I’m an artist, art teacher, and mom in Houston, Texas! I have been teaching for about 16 years, and while I’ve taught all the way up through 8th grade, I’m currently teaching preschool through 4th grade (and loving it!). The schools I attended as a kid didn’t have art programs, so I did my art making other places, but my favorite subject in school was biology. I also love music, and almost always have some playing when I’m creating. I choose my music based on my mood, so it might be something mellow like David Gray or Band of Horses, or something more energetic, like The Killers or Florence + the Machine.

You can find me on Instagram @erin_hatfield.

Hometown Region: Houston, TX

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