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Funny Food Trucks with Beth Newman card food medium vehicle watercolor Feb 20, 2024

Taught By: Beth Newman

Let's turn simple shapes into any food truck we can imagine!

Length of Videos: 12 minutes | Difficulty...

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Rocket Ship Collage with Shemi Dixon collage mild mixed media outer space space vehicle Jan 04, 2024

Taught By: Shemi Dixon

We'll use simple geometric shapes to create a mixed media rocked ship that's ready to fly!

Length of Videos: 12 minutes...

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Magical Steam Train with Beth Newman art snack christmas collage holiday mild perspective vehicle winter Dec 21, 2023

Taught By: Beth Newman

All aboard! We'll use geometric shapes and a dash of perspective in this fun collage adventure. 

Length of...

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Hot Air Balloon Festival with Mary Beggs Bosley balloons drawing hot air balloons painting perspective vehicle Sep 12, 2023

Taught By: Mary Beggs Bosley

Let's use oil pastels and watercolors to create a sea otter who is popping out of the water to say hello!


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Bus Road Trip with Yvette Ackerman landscape nature spicy summer travel vehicle watercolor Jul 13, 2023

Taught By: Yvette Ackerman

Let's hit the road! We'll create a fun camper bus drawing for our ideal vacation.

Length of Videos: 13 minutes |...

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