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Hand Stamped Chicken with Lisa Concannon animals birds medium paint stamp stamping Apr 25, 2024

Taught By: Lisa Concannon

We'll use our hands as stamps to create these fun and funky chickens!

Length of Videos: 12 minutes | Difficulty...

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Fish Stamp Fun with Amanda Evanston fish medium monoprint monoprinting paint painting sea stamp stamping Apr 16, 2024

Taught By: Amanda Evanston

Let's use monoprinting to create a vibrant fish scene!

Length of Videos: 9 minutes | Difficulty Level: ...

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Balloon Flower Print with Yvette Ackerman art snack balloon balloons flowers mild print printmaking process art stamping Sep 21, 2023

Taught By: Yvette Ackerman

Let's make a beautiful floral piece using a balloon to make prints! 

Length of Video: 5 minutes | Difficulty...

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Minecraft-Inspired Pixel Art with Beth Newman medium paint painting pixel stamp stamping Jan 31, 2023

Taught By: Beth Newman

Let's use pixel shapes in paint to create a digitally-inspired still life.

Length of Videos: 17 minutes |...

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Rubber Band Printing with Beth Newman (FREE!) elastics free paint painting print printing printmaking prints rubberband rubberbands sponges stamping tutorial Nov 17, 2022

Household items make fabulous printing and stamping tools. Let's make some fun prints!

Instructor: Beth Newman


  • clean takeout lid
  • ...
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