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Mother's Day Bouquet with Beth Newman (FREE!) free sculpture tutorial May 04, 2023

Looking for a beautiful Mother's Day gift? Here's a free Chicken Coop Club tutorial on how to create a tea cup bouquet!

Instructor: Beth...

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Collage Art for a Cause - Free Class by Shemi Dixon! free medium mixed media Mar 15, 2023

Want to make collage art for a great cause - for display and then distribution to patients, caregivers, family and staff at MedStar Georgetown...

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Conversation Hearts with Beth Newman (FREE!) free tutorial watercolor Feb 14, 2023

A special Valentine freebie for you! Enjoy!

Instructor: Beth Newman


  • Markers
  • Watercolors
  • White glue
  • Watercolor Paper
  • Tempera Sticks
  • ...
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Easy Salted Snowflakes with Beth Newman (FREE!) free holiday medium paint painting salt seasonal snow snowflake tutorial watercolor Nov 17, 2022

Table salt adds magic to wet watercolor by absorbing some of the water and bringing pigment toward it. You'll get fun texture and a somewhat...

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Clothespin Brush Activity from Beth Newman (FREE!) botanical clothespin free nature paint painting tutorial Nov 17, 2022

Gather items from around the garden or your household and use clothespins to fashion them into paint brushes. Experiment with different types of...

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Rubber Band Printing with Beth Newman (FREE!) elastics free paint painting print printing printmaking prints rubberband rubberbands sponges stamping tutorial Nov 17, 2022

Household items make fabulous printing and stamping tools. Let's make some fun prints!

Instructor: Beth Newman


  • clean takeout lid
  • ...
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String Art Angels with Beth Newman (FREE!) free holiday tutorial watercolor Nov 17, 2022

This fun process art activity involves saturating yarn with paint and pulling it through paper for an unpredictable but symmetrical effect. Then we...

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Free Class for All: Paper Plate Sharks with Beth Newman! bonus free medium mixed media shark week Jul 25, 2022

It's Shark Week! Let's celebrate by making some fun paper plate sharks! When you're done, be sure to share your work using #chickencoopclub


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