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Balloon Flower Print with Yvette Ackerman art snack flowers mild print printmaking Sep 21, 2023

Taught By: Yvette Ackerman

Let's make a beautiful floral piece using a balloon to make prints! 

Length of Video: 5 minutes | Difficulty...

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Johns-Inspired Dice Roll Abstract with Beth Newman abstract mild Sep 19, 2023

Taught By: Beth Newman

We'll use random dice rolls to dictate some fun, number-focused abstract art inspired by the work of American...

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Hot Air Balloon Festival with Mary Beggs Bosley drawing vehicle Sep 12, 2023

Taught By: Mary Beggs Bosley

Let's use oil pastels and watercolors to create a sea otter who is popping out of the water to say hello!


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Bootiful Boo-Tique Ghosts with Beth Newman (FREE!) fall free tutorial watercolor Sep 11, 2023

Grab a pencil and your watercolors and try this Bootiful Boo-Tique demonstrating positive and negative space. Enjoy this free fall Chicken...

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Fingerprint Pumpkins with Beth Newman (FREE!) fall free tutorial watercolor Sep 11, 2023

Grab a pencil, wake up your watercolors with a drop or two of water and you can paint pumpkins, no brush required! Enjoy this free fall Chicken...

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Watercolor Ice Painting with Lisa Concannon art snack mild watercolor Sep 07, 2023

Taught By: Lisa Concannon

Let's experiment with melting ice and using household objects to create watercolor abstract art.

Length of...

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Pointillism Desert Sunset with Shemi Dixon collage landscape medium mixed media pointillism Sep 05, 2023

Taught By: Shemi Dixon

Let's create a cactus scene using a pointillism style loosely inspired by Georges Seurat.

Length of Videos: 18 minutes...

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Man in the Moon Pendant with Beth Newman clay medium wearable art Aug 29, 2023

Taught By: Beth Newman

We'll hand-build a man in the moon face, bas-relief style pendant.

Length of Videos: 13 minutes | Difficulty...

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Beautiful Browns with Kitty Ayers color mixing color theory spicy Aug 24, 2023

Taught By: Kitty Ayers

Let's intentionally mix a variety of beautiful brown paint colors and use them to create an abstract!

Length of Videos:...

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Fiesta Fish with Amanda Evanston figures medium paint Aug 22, 2023

Taught By: Amanda Evanston

Time for a party full of colorful fish! Grab your paints and join in the fun!

Length of Videos: 14...

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Meet the Instructor: Maja Larson instructor Aug 18, 2023

Hi! I'm Maja. I have always been a maker - art was my favorite class in all grades. While I never aspired to be an artist, I have always known that...

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Pineapple Portrait with Beth Newman collage medium mixed media Aug 14, 2023

Taught By: Beth Newman

Grab a pineapple and let's create a mixed media pineapple collage. 

Length of Videos: 12 minutes | Difficulty...

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