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Cactus Sculpture with Beth Newman botanical medium mixed media sculpture Aug 09, 2022

Taught By: Beth Newman

Let's repurpose lightweight food packaging into free-form, painted cactus sculptures!

Length of Videos: 14 minutes...

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Watercolor Collage Motifs with Jen Wise collage medium watercolor Aug 04, 2022

Taught By: Jen Wise

Grab your watercolor paints to fill pages with fun shapes of your choice! Then embellish them and cut them out...

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Meet the Instructor: Stacy Spangler instructor Aug 04, 2022

Hey there! I’m Stacy Spangler, and I’m a mixed media artist and art instructor. I have always been a dreamer and a creator....

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Aboriginal Rock Art with Alison Lake australia medium paint painting rock art symbol Aug 02, 2022

Taught By: Alison Lake

Let's tell a story through art using traditional Aboriginal symbols, with rock as the substrate. In...

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Storytelling Art: Brush Care with Janet Dailey brush care paint painting storytelling watercolor Jul 28, 2022

Taught By: Janet Dailey

Through original storytelling, we'll learn how to keep our paint brushes happy and ready for the next art...

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Botanical Shadow Art with Shemi Dixon medium negative space positive space shadows tracing Jul 26, 2022

Taught By: Shemi Dixon

Shadows are everywhere. Shadows are unique. Shadows can be art! Let's create and embellish abstract work using...

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Free Class for All: Paper Plate Sharks with Beth Newman! bonus free medium mixed media shark week Jul 25, 2022

It's Shark Week! Let's celebrate by making some fun paper plate sharks! When you're done, be sure to share your work using #chickencoopclub


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Color Theory: Warm vs. Cool Colors with Isobel Springer color mixing color theory cool colors mild warm colors watercolor Jul 21, 2022

Taught By: Isobel Springer

We'll categorize the colors from a watercolor palette into warm and cool using some simply drawn...

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Gentle Whale Shark with Beth Newman figures medium paint painting shark watercolor Jul 21, 2022

Taught By: Beth Newman

Shark Week means one thing...time to paint sharks! We'll create a vivid aerial view of the gentle whale shark using fun...

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Safari Animals with Amanda Evanston animals figures medium paint painting Jul 19, 2022

Taught By: Amanda Evanston

Join us for a safari adventure with animals and paint! We’ll kick it off with colorful blobs and scribbles,...

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Storytelling Art: Marker Care with Janet Dailey marker marker care mild storytelling Jul 14, 2022

Taught By: Janet Dailey

Through original storytelling, we'll learn how to keep our markers happy and ready for the next art adventure, explore...

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Surfboard Scape with Beth Newman abstract loose spicy surf watercolor Jul 12, 2022

Taught By: Beth Newman

Surf's up! Let's create a loose, abstract beachside scene of watercolor surfboards or windsurfers.

Length of Videos: 14...

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