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Paper Batik Floral with Jen Wise medium resist watercolor Jun 08, 2024

Taught By: Jen Wise

Let's use crayons as a wax resist to create fun batik-inspired art on paper!

Length of Videos: 7 minutes | Difficulty...

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Water Lily Sculpture with Yvette Ackerman 3d botanical flower flowers mild painted paper sculpture Jun 04, 2024

Taught By: Yvette Ackerman

Let's grab our paints and create a water lily sculpture! We'll even learn how to add a frog!

Length of Videos: 11...

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Mixed Media Snake with Shemi Dixon collage figure mixed media May 28, 2024

Taught By: Shemi Dixon

Let's upcycle painted paper into fun collage snakes!

Length of Videos: 14 minutes | Difficulty Level: Mild

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Squish, Paint, Bloom! with Amanda Evanston botanical flower flowers mild paint painting tempera May 21, 2024

Taught By: Amanda Evanston

Let's create bold, impressionistic flower paintings using a surprising tool!

Length of Videos: 17 minutes |...

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Rainforest Sloth with Mary Beggs Bosley animal animals drawing medium paint May 15, 2024

Taught By: Mary Beggs Bosley

Let's draw a three-toed sloth in its natural habitat!

Length of Videos: 17 minutes | Difficulty Level: ...

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Folk Bird Friends with Beth Newman bird birds collage mild painted paper pig pen May 07, 2024

Taught By: Beth Newman

We'll use simple shapes to make birds with big personalities!

Length of Videos: 13 minutes | Difficulty...

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Abstract Flower Power with Amanda Evanston abstract botanical flower flowers tempera stick Apr 30, 2024

Taught By: Amanda Evanston

We'll use simple shapes to create a stunning abstract flower garden.

Length of Videos: 14 minutes | Difficulty...

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Hand Stamped Chicken with Lisa Concannon animals birds medium paint stamp stamping Apr 25, 2024

Taught By: Lisa Concannon

We'll use our hands as stamps to create these fun and funky chickens!

Length of Videos: 12 minutes | Difficulty...

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Woven Kite Wall Hanging with Erin Curlee Hatfield display work loom medium painted paper pig pen weaving Apr 23, 2024

Taught By: Erin Curlee Hatfield

Let's learn the art of paper weaving and create a beautiful kite!

Length of Videos: 12 minutes |...

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Fish Stamp Fun with Amanda Evanston fish medium monoprint monoprinting paint painting sea stamp stamping Apr 16, 2024

Taught By: Amanda Evanston

Let's use monoprinting to create a vibrant fish scene!

Length of Videos: 9 minutes | Difficulty Level: ...

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Puffy Poodle with Amanda Evanston animal animals dog figure medium mixed media upcycle upcycled art Apr 09, 2024

Taught By: Amanda Evanston

Let's create a fun and puffy poodle using basic supplies and simple household items. 

Length of...

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Cow in the Garden with Beth Newman animals botanical collage drawing figure figures flower flowers medium tempera stick Apr 02, 2024

Taught By: Beth Newman

Let's create a cow portrait and discover the surprising power black and white has to bring a colorful...

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