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Here are the latest classes in the Coop plus a few freebies!

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Clothespin Brush Activity from Beth Newman (FREE!) botanical clothespin flower flowers free nature paint painting tutorial Nov 17, 2022

Gather items from around the garden or your household and use clothespins to fashion them into paint brushes. Experiment with different types of...

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Rubber Band Printing with Beth Newman (FREE!) elastics free paint painting print printing printmaking prints rubberband rubberbands sponges stamping tutorial Nov 17, 2022

Household items make fabulous printing and stamping tools. Let's make some fun prints!

Instructor: Beth Newman


  • clean takeout lid
  • ...
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Shape Ornament Scene with Beth Newman collage holiday mild mixed media Nov 17, 2022

Taught By: Beth Newman

We'll contrast warm and cool colors, hand tear geometric shapes, and explore composition and embellishment to make...

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String Art Angels with Beth Newman (FREE!) free holiday tutorial watercolor Nov 17, 2022

This fun process art activity involves saturating yarn with paint and pulling it through paper for an unpredictable but symmetrical effect. Then we...

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Beautiful Beast Giraffe Portrait with Kitty Ayers animals display work drawing figures spicy watercolor Nov 17, 2022

Taught By: Kitty Ayers

Let's draw and then paint a picture of a giraffe using watercolor combined with acrylic paint.

Length of Videos: 14...

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Funky Faces in Cardboard with Amanda Evanston collage faces medium mixed media Nov 15, 2022

Taught By: Amanda Evanston

Let's embark on an adventure full of painty shapes and facial features to create sculptural abstract faces!


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Scrap Paper Mosaic with Erin Curlee-Hatfield art snack collage medium pig pen Nov 10, 2022

Taught By: Erin Curlee Hatfield

Let's repurpose paper scraps, packaging, painted paper, and even junk mail, to create beautiful mosaic...

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Captivating Cardinals with Lisa Concannon bird spicy watercolor Nov 08, 2022

Taught By: Lisa Concannon

Let's learn a whimsical, fun way to paint Northern Cardinals with a few pointers on the basic shapes used in...

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Paper Beads with Shemi Dixon paper beads pig pen spicy wearable art Nov 06, 2022

Taught By: Shemi Dixon

Let's learn a paper craft dating back to the Victorian age. It's so simple to make stunning paper beads using recycled...

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Crosshatching with Claire Carpenter drawing pencils spicy Nov 03, 2022

Taught By: Claire Carpenter

If you can draw the grid lines for a game of tic-tac-toe, then you can crosshatch! This simple technique shows...

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Terrific Tier Cakes with Jen Wise cake cooking food medium mixed media painted paper pig pen treats watercolor Nov 02, 2022

Taught By: Jen Wise

Join us in The Art Bakery! Let's put on our chef hats and get ready to "bake" some tiered cakes using simple art supplies...

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Treasure Maps with Beth Newman map medium paint Nov 01, 2022

Taught By: Beth Newman

X marks the spot! Let's embark on an adventure in process art by scribbling, crumbling, painting and tearing up...

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