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Meet the Instructor: Isobel Springer

instructor May 02, 2022

Hey! I’m Izzy Springer and I am a teacher and artist based in the Washington, DC area. I have been working in arts education since I was fifteen when I started working at a children’s theatre camp. Since then I have taught art and theatre to students from as young as three to teenagers. 

My interest in visual arts has manifested through an exploration of putting art into action. My main focus has been integrating visual art with key elements of the performing arts; like puppet making, set design, and costume design/making, and mood board collages. I would love to continue this exploration as well as combining classic visual art techniques with world building and storytelling. I want to help children create art that allows them to express themselves and their feelings. My favorite subjects in school were always art and music (especially choir) because I could use this time to express how I was feeling during the school day. 

When I’m creating I love to know the story behind the creation of the piece and how each detail added affects it. I will play music that I feel goes with the theme of the piece which could be anything from a Studio Ghibli movie soundtrack to 80's punk. My favorite media to work in are watercolor, collage, and pencil! When I’m not teaching or creating I love to bake, especially for my friends and family!

Hometown Region: Washington, DC, USA

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