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Meet Kitty Ayers

Meet the Instructor: Kitty Ayers

instructor Oct 03, 2022

I paint and live in Riverside, California in yellow house on a hill. I was lucky enough to teach elementary school for 27 before becoming a full-time artist. It was important for me to infuse art into my instruction as a vehicle to inspire joy and engagement while learning. Some of my favorite pastimes are traveling the USA and other counties, visiting museums and learning more about artists and other cultures, dancing and hiking, spending time in my studio painting acrylic and mixed media picture and developing my art skills, hunting for colorful, vintage or thrifted outfits, and sharing time, yummy meals and game nights with family and friends. I make it a mission in my life to inspire others with my art, color, rainbows and encouragement.

When I heard that my art friends were cooking up a space for young artists, I was goosebump thrilled. The thought that the adult art learning space these delightful folks have created was now inspiring a place for young artists seemed too good to be true. I was eager to be in on the fun and share my own creative recipes.

Some of my earliest and most favorite memories are of being at my kindergarten easel with chunky paintbrushes and primary-colored paints. Art and English remained my favorite subjects throughout school, including in college. Algebra made me wilt.

When I paint in the early hours, I enjoy listening to classic rock, alternative rock, or soul music. As the sun starts to fade, or if I’m in a moody state, I’ll often turn to classical pieces or songs from the 50s. And if I’m sad, it’s opera!

You can find me on Instagram @bykathrynayers.  

Hometown Region: Riverside, CA, USA (SoCal)

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