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Meet Kiki

Meet the Team: Kiki Scaletta

staff May 01, 2022

Growing up, my art education was largely limited to crayons, colored pencils, and stroke-by-stroke projects that all ended up looking similar. I loved it, but wanted more. I used to think that creating with paint or other “fancy” supplies was for real artists – not me. I now know differently and want to make sure my kids and other young artists do too! That’s why I helped form the Chicken Coop Club – to make a wide variety of art classes accessible to any child who wants to learn and explore.

Some more about me – my favorite subjects in school were Math and English (literature). I loved both the logical and creative sides to learning! When listening to music, I like to do it as my main activity (not as background noise). I relish the experience of getting lost in a song and singing loudly along!

In the Chicken Coop Club, I help members by providing customer support and doing a lot of the behind-the-scenes operational stuff that keeps the Club up and running. Need help navigating the site? Have a membership question? I am here to help!

Hometown Region: Chicago, IL, USA

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