About Our Instructors

About Our Instructors

Every one of our instructors is a professional artist and/or experienced art teacher. A number of our instructors have spent careers in the field of education. Instructors specialize in a variety of artistic disciplines but all follow a professional format for each lesson, with the freedom to put their own mark and flair into each class. The format helps ensure students get a complete and high-quality lesson and the freedom ensures students can immerse themselves in art with experienced artists, benefiting from the shared enthusiasm for creating. While we know from experience all children learn differently, and different teachers will appeal to different students, we strive to provide worthy art role models to each and every Chicken Coop Club member.

To do this we carefully select each instructor based on a combination of the following criteria:

  • Proven body of artistic work and public reputation as an artist.
  • Demonstrated teaching experience in a manner and disposition that is appropriate for and appealing to children K-8.
  • Clear, kind, and engaging communication style that presents a professional and approachable video lesson.
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Interested in becoming a Chicken Coop Club Instructor?

While we are currently not seeking additional instructors, you are always welcome to complete the application so we have you on file for when the time comes! Or email [email protected] to learn more.

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