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Children's art classes taught by professional artists.

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Welcome to the Chicken Coop Club!


We are a group of art instructors and professional artists supporting young artists ages 3 to 12 by providing high-quality online art lessons. With nearly 200 lessons in the library plus four new ones added monthly, we are ready for some art fun. Let's get messy!

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Are you?

  • Hoping to help your¬†children hone their creative skills?
  • Ready for your¬†children to learn a variety of new techniques to make art¬†so they walk away with multiple pieces they are proud of?
  • Looking for a fun, safe,¬†non-competitive outlet where your kids can explore, grow, and have fun at their own pace?
  • Wanting an affordable, one-stop shop for¬†engaging art classes but not sure where to start?¬†

We wanted the same! That's why we created the Chicken Coop Club: a membership with high-quality weekly art lessons taught directly to children ages 3 to 12. Members also get access to optional learning standards and cross-curricular tie-ins to support your homeschooling program or augment school art classes. And because you'll have access to your art classes from your mobile devices, you can keep young brains and hands engaged over school breaks, family vacations, or visits to Grandma's house. 

What can you expect from your monthly Chicken Coop Club membership?

In the Chicken Coop Club, we are all about creative exploration with tangible results. For as long as you are a member, you have access to:

FOUR New Classes Each Month

We offer four new classes each month taught by a variety of professional artists and art instructors. Classes range in difficulty from "mild" to "spicy" and after taking a class, students walk away with a completed work of art. 

Growing Library of Classes

We have a growing library of nearly 200 classes taught by professional artists and art instructors. Members have access to all classes inside!

Email Tips and Tricks

While classes are directed at the student artists, we know they are supported by adults who may have questions. That's why we send periodic member emails to share Chicken Coop Club news and offer art making tips and tricks!

Chicken Coop Club Monthly Membership


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  • Four New Art Classes Each Month
  • Variety of Art Instructors
  • Growing Library of Nearly 200¬†Classes
  • Unlimited Fun!
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Want in?  

Doors are now open! We cannot wait to welcome you into the Coop. Join now!

How does all this work?  

First and foremost, we are here to provide a safe, fun, welcoming space for your student artist to learn and grow. Join the Coop  and your artist will:

  • Learn a variety of artistic techniques from experienced artists and art instructors
  • Complete one finished, display-worthy project per class (and learn what to do if the final product isn't what they hoped for!) Check out the growing library of classes!
  • Develop their own artistic style. This isn't a copy-the-teacher club. If five students take a class, each will walk away with a distinctive work of art - we want students to play, explore and grow - not copy!

If this sounds good to you, yay! We can't wait to paint together. For those that want a bit more behind the scenes before deciding this is for you, we spend a LOT of time cultivating a robust art curriculum geared toward ages 3 to 12. Scroll for more!  

Our Curriculum

We spend a lot of time cultivating high quality art curriculum that meets national standards. But you wouldn't know it - when painting with us you'll be having too much fun!

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How We Choose Our Instructors

Our art instructors have both teaching experience and have worked as professional artists. Each is carefully selected to provide the highest quality learning opportunity for students. 

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Basic Supply Kit

We know art supplies can get expensive or can be hard to find. Our goal is to keep art making affordable and accessible so we spent a lot of time coming up with this list. Here are the supplies you'll need for our art classes.

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