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Meet Joy Foster

Meet the Instructor: Joy Foster

instructor Jun 19, 2023

Hello! I'm Joy and I've been a creator my whole life. I love repurposing and finding new ways to bring life to found objects and the remnants of old projects or unfinished work. I began pursuing painting about 4 years ago using upcycled pizza boxes to practice on. Within a year, we purchased a small shed called "The happy house". Practicing as often as possible has been the best investment in honing my style and heart within each piece that comes forth! I've recently participated in my first large curated art gallery with 50 other incredible artists. It gave me creative fuel to see what the next four years brings to my love of making!

I've had the special privilege of facilitating unique process classes for differently-abled students and have instructed a wide range of age groups, personalities and skill levels. I love seeing how everyone's special touch is embedded in their own work and it encourages me to see fresh perspective each time a new artist creates something fabulous!

You can follow me on Instagram @bejoyfullalways.

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