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Meet Nicole

Meet the Instructor: Nicole Esposito Woodall

instructor Jun 25, 2022

Oh hello, art loving friends! My name is Nicole, and I’m both an artist and a teacher. Growing up, I was blessed enough to be surrounded by lots and lots of art! My grandpop was a spectacular sculptor, and my aunt is an awesome abstract artist.  Art museums and art supply store trips were the normal weekend activities, and joyfully so. After earning my bachelors in fine arts, I went on to further my education with a degree in early childhood, and spent almost 20 years as a preschool/kindergarten teacher. Kids are my favorite humans on the planet! I now spend my days (and nights) painting gardens of magical, abstract blooms, creating floral surface designs with my watercolor flowers for my brand new Spoonflower shop, and teaching art via weekly Zoom lessons. 

My favorite subject in school? Hmm….I had a few. My appetite for learning is quite massive: always reading, Math was tops on my list (I LOVE NUMBERS), science (namely chemistry-explains my obsession with color mixing and pigments), mechanical drawing (I may or may not hoard mechanical pencils), music (piano player here), and cooking (well, baking to be exact. fun fact: I wanted to be a pastry chef at one point).

While painting my whimsical gardens, you can bet there’s always some kind of music playing. My dad played the saxophone growing up. My mom, the drums. My instrument of choice to listen to (and play)….PIANO! I love David Foster, both classical and solo piano, basically any good pianist, and I’m so there. Oh, and I listen to A LOT of Baroque-era music. Bach and Vivaldi are tops for me.

When I’m not painting, I’m drawing, knitting, crocheting, baking, reading ….always finding a way to be creative!

You can find me on Instagram @theenchantedeasel

Hometown region: Philadelphia, PA suburbs

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